Idaho Gem™ Brand ‘2012G01’ Variety

Named after its home state, Idaho Gem™ Brand ‘2012G01’ Variety was found by Gooding Farms in Parma. Rich levels of sweet, fruit-forward aromatic oils make Idaho Gem™ Brand ‘2012G01’ Variety optimal for late kettle additions or dry hopping in a wide variety of styles, whether alone or in a blend.

Idaho Gem™ Brand ‘2012G01’ Variety shines with stone fruit, red berry, citrus, mojito, mint, and even powdered sugar aromas. Its flavors are soft and full with a remarkable smoothness.

A beautiful hop for use in New England IPA’s, West Coast IPA’s, and Pale Ales... which other beer styles will shine with this exciting new variety?

Alpha Acids: 12-14%

Beta Acids: 5%-7%

Cohumulone: 1.3-2%

Total oils in mls per 100 grams dried: 1.8

Beer Styles: New England IPA's, West Coast IPA's, Pale Ales

Origin: United States

Flavor and Aroma: Pineapple, Cherry, Candied fruit, Herbal and Spicy.

Use: Dual Purpose